Sports Games

There are many fun outdoor activities and sports games for kids that don't require teams or involve lots of equipment.

English Lessons

The games, stories, and worksheets given here are fun and relaxing ways to learn English.

Art & Music

Art and Music are shaping and refining important skills the same way as math and other sciences.

West Hills Preschool & Afterschool

About Us

At West Hills Preschool & Afterschool we provide a full-day and half-day, year round care for children in a loving, stimulating and safe environment. We believe that no child care center can be too beautiful for a child and that the learning environment has a tremendous impact on the development of the young brain.

We strive to create a communal atmosphere in which each child is respected as an individual. Your child’s day at West Hills Preschool & Afterschool is educational. It’s social. And it’s highly energetic.

Beyond their development and education, your child’s safety and security are our top priority. And communication is essential. Our programs ensure that children in our care have access to the highest quality of childhood education anywhere.


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West Hills Preschool & Afterschool

Our Programs and Classes
We are dedicated to creating a community of inspiration and discovery - a place where children learn, create and have fun in a relaxed, professional environment.

West Hills Preschool & Afterschool

Our Activities

We ensure that children in our care have access to the highest quality of early childhood education anywhere. Teaching does not need to be limited to textbooks and blackboards.

With our fun school activities for kids and attentive care, learning becomes an interesting and enjoyable exercise, help developing your child's creativity, imagination, thinking skills, and social skills.

  • Comprehensive reporting on individual achievement
  • Fun and educational field trips
  • Individual attention in a small-class setting
  • Learning program with after-school care
  • Opportunities to carry out scientific investigations

Learning & Fun

Interesting lessons, engaging teachers and friendly friends.

Friendly Place

Modern equipment and environmental friendliness.

Healthy Meals

Balanced nutrition and suitable for each child.

Children Safety

Ensure that kids avoid the more serious danger.

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